Ep.29 How Setbacks ARE Opportunities

Tali Zabari and Cody Limbaugh


Show Notes for Ep.29 of The Philosophy Of Fitness

Sometimes avoiding pain is avoiding growth. How to turn our injuries into opportunities...

00:00 Intro and Icebreaker - Does Insta out you when you screenshot someone?

05:48 Today's Topic: Using Injuries As Opportunities, in the gym and in life!

06:32 The proper way to approach injuries has changed. RICE: Rest Ice Compression and Elevation are no longer recognized as the best approach to healing. Not only does appropriate movement speed healing, there is a tremendous benefit to the psychological impact of continuing to move and take action toward progress.

12:35 The Obstacle Is The Way (Two books we recommend on this concept, one by Ryan Holliday, one by Marcus Aurelius.Setbacks can offer us some value in: 1) Self Knowledge, what does that set-back reveal about ourselves? 2) An opportunity to learn a new skill or pivot to have more time to do something else. 3) That new direction might reveal something you love that you might have missed out on had you avoided the setback! 4) A setback in one area can give you an opportunity to excel at something else that may have been put on the back burner! 5) Pivoting due to setback gives you an opportunity to gain self-confidence because you're demonstrating grit and versatility! 6) Overcoming the injury is it's own journey of self discovery and confidence building work. 7)A setback might be an opportunity to come back better than your pre-injured self.8) Avoiding pain can limit you from growth.

22:25 Even if the set-back is real, we can develop thoughts around it that don't serve us well. Some of this can be mitigated by where we place our attention. Focus on the set-back, or focus on the solutions?

24:22 If you decide to "live with the injury" instead of addressing it and making efforts to heal, you can inadvertently cause more injuries! (This is as true in psychology as it is in physiology!)

25:04 It's just pain. Pain need not be avoided at all costs. sometimes it's ok to just acknowledge it go ahead and allow yourself to feel it.

28:19 *** GRAPHIC WARNING! *** Video: The Fuzz

35:54 Addressing pain without addressing the cause is setting us up for more pain in the future.

36:56 Avoiding pain is the same as avoiding growth. Quitting because of pain creates confidence issues and makes it that much harder to start again in the future.HOW does this all relate to the other aspects of life? Dating? Art? Vocations? Professions?

52:28 Building resilience through training can set you up with the confidence to face pain or risk of injury in order to grow.

54:43 Injury or setbacks can be an assessment tool to know what you don't wantNote: Dr. Dave was mentioned several times in this episode. Check out his site HERE.